Chula Vista & East Lake Appliance Repair

Welcome to BIG Appliance Repair. We service and repair major home appliances in and near Chula Vista, Otay Ranch, East Lake, San Ysidro, and National City. Our service call fee is only $49 and is waived when you have your appliance repaired by us. Call BIG Appliance Repair at 619-796-4441, or schedule an appointment online.

Affordable Appliance Repair Service in Chula Vista, East Lake, and Southern San Diego

BIG Appliance Repair provides residential and commercial appliance repair service in Chula Vista, Bonita, East Lake, and surrounding areas of South San Diego. We repair all types of appliances such as Ovens, Refrigerators, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, and more.

All repairs come with a 90 day Warranty on Parts and a 1 Year Warranty on Labor and Workmanship. Our service fee is only $49 and is FREE when you have your appliance repaired by us.

The commercial appliance repair service fee is $75.  The service fee is to cover our time and expenses if  you choose not to have your appliance repaired after our inspection and diagnosis. The service fee is waived (free) when you choose to have your appliance repaired by us. You will only pay for parts and labor.

Give us a call at 619-796-4441 to schedule your appliance repair service. Use our easy online form to schedule appliance repair service.

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We service and repair all major home appliances. Dryers, washers, refrigerators, and more.. By all major manufactures such as Amana, Samsung, Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, Viking, and many more. Call 619-796-4441 to schedule your appliance repair appointment today.

Appliance Error Codes:

We repair many of the common faults and error codes associated with newer washers and dryers. Listed below is a sample of many of the error codes that we service and repair. If you have any of following error codes give us a call at 619-796-4441 to schedule appliance repair service. If your error code is not listed below, we can still help! Call us today!

  • E10 – General EEPROM Fault
  • E11 – Checksum Error
  • E12 – Non fatal R/W error
  • E24 – Control NTC Short Circuit
  • E25 – Control NTC Open Circuit
  • E4A – Program Timeout Fault
  • E5B – Heater Fault (no heating)
  • E68 – Key (button) Struck Fault
  • E8C – Too many trips in a period of time
  • EAF – Watch Dog Reset
  • F1E1 – Cycle Control Unit (CCU) Problem
  • F2E1 – User Interface (UI) Problem (stuck button)
  • F3E1 – Exhaust Thermistor Open
  • F3E2 – Exhaust Thermistor Shorted
  • F3E3 – Inlet Thermistor Open
  • F3E4 – Inlet Thermistor Shorted
  • F3E5 – Inlet and Exhaust Thermistor Open
  • F3E6 – Moisture Sensor Open
  • F3E7 – Moisture Sensor Shorted
  • F4E1 – Heater Relay or Connector Problem
  • F4E3 – Restricted Air Flow
  • F4E4 – L2 Line Voltage Error
  • F6E1 – Communication Error UI to CCU
  • F6E2 – Communication Error CCU to UI